Integrity – 7 Things

Seven Things They Won’t Tell You…


1) Freemasonry is not a religion or a substitute for religion. It holds no doctrine, dogma or sacred book of its own. We use examples of moral truths portrayed in the Bible that are not inconsistent with civil obligations, local, state or Federal laws or religious faith.

2) That Freemasonry is not a means for personal salvation. We don’t hold the keys to your salvation. We exclude men from our membership who do not believe in God, who are liars, cheats and men of poor professional and personal reputation.

3) That Freemasonry is a philosophy of life which works hand in hand with a persons existing beliefs and that the majority of our members regularly attend to their daily religious commitments.

4) That Freemasonry, in particular at Lodge Southern Cross, is full of young men who believe in God who continue to pursue their own faith.

5) That the degrees we undertake are not based on actual or real events but are allegories designed to explain a moral teaching. Allegory and Symbolism are the main methods of instruction and that these assist with teaching moral lessons, engaging the imagination and memory of its members.

6) We are reasonable men in society who feel that each man has a right to choose or refuse his personal spiritual path. We don’t subvert the mission of religious organisations and build upon the ethical principles already present in a man. Freemasons are truthful and honest men in society and do not attempt to deceive others through uneducated misinformation.

7) That Freemasonry at Lodge Southern Cross is good fun, educational and dynamic.

Finally, If you’re convinced that you know the ‘truth of God’ and that God has told you, through your reading of a Holy Book, that Freemasonry is evil, there’s nothing we’re going to say here which will be of benefit to you. Thanks for visiting our Lodge Southern Cross Website! We wish you well on your journey and go on your way, rejoicing, in peace.